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Trade Mark

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A trademark is any word (, name (SAMSUNG), symbol or device (Microsoft), slogan (Grahak Nhi Dost Banate hai Ham & Thanda Matlab Coca Cola), package design (Coca-Cola bottle) or combination of these that serves to identify and distinguishes a specific product from others in the market place or in trade. Even a sound color combination, smell or hologram can be a trademark under some circumstances. The term trademark is often used interchangeably to identify a trademark or service mark.


  • Constructive notice of ownership of the Trademark .
  • and is Prestige of your Brand and your Company.
  • Its ownership and get exclusive rights over your trademark.
  • You can sale your Trademark and and/or give license to other company to use your Trademark and get Royalty for the same.
  • The exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce in connection with the goods or services specified in the registration.
  • Establish the Goodwill and incontestability of rights in the registered mark .
  • No one can make a copy of your trademark; if someone copy then you can take legal action against them and ask for damages..
  • Sue for counterfeiting of the registered mark and to obtain both civil and criminal penalties against counterfeiters .
  • Similar advantages can be obtained from registering a trademark in most other countries of the world. In some countries, a registration is a requirement for any enforcement activities. Since the advantages necessarily vary from country to country.


  • A is usually used to indicate an unregistered trademark. It is an informal notification that there is a public claim as a trademark.
  • An SM represents an unregistered service mark. It is also an informal notification that there is a public claim as a service mark.

The (commonly pronounced "R-in-a-circle" or "Circle-R") is a warning notice to advise the public that the mark is registered and their use provides legal benefits. This notice can be used only with registered marks. Use of a with any unregistered trademark may result in claims of fraud. Several other countries also use the symbol to indicate that a trademark or service mark is registered in their respective systems.


Time taken for application for registration is 7 working days from the time you appoint us for the work. Time taken for certificate of Registration of trademark is about 18 to 30 months.


  • Search has to be made.
  • In case the search result is positive, we make application for trademark in form TM 1.
  • Once application is made, the acknowledge copy of Additional Representation is received from Trade Mark department.
  • The next step is getting examination report and formality check report from the department wherein any objection or clarification is sought by the department
  • A reply has to be made for the same within 1 month and 15 days respectively..
  • If the TM department is satisfied, the mark is advertised before acceptance in the trade mark department.
  • In case they still are unsatisfied with the reply, they call for hearing upon which it is decided whether the case is fit for advertisement or not..
  • Once the mark is advertised in trademark journal, there is 4 months time for others to object the mark..
  • If no objection is received in 4 months time, the Registrar issues the certificate of registration..


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